I will design an individualized education plan to help your child achieve success in reading, spelling, writing, math and organizational skills. I use a variety of multisensory, evidence based reading and computer programs to improve children’s academic skills such as the Barton Reading and Spelling and Sonday System. These programs use an Orton-Gillingham method. Some other programs include Linda-Mood Bell, and Read Naturally. These programs are proven to be very successful for children. My goal is to develop a passion for learning and build your child’s self-confidence.

Please give me a call at (925) 322-5020 to discuss your child’s academic needs.

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Rosaura Raya-Markham

n Educational Therapist working with students of all ages. I combine educational and therapeutic approaches in evaluation, remediation, comm ...Read more

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“My granddaughter Makayla was in the first grade and was falling behind...”

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Do you need advice on Educational Advocacy for your child?

Parents often feel confused on the right steps to take to advocate for their child  in school and need direction or advice to help guide them with their child’s school needs. As an Educational Specialist, I have learned to navigate through the school system and have helped many parents with their children to attain the best education.

If you feel you need some advice to help your child, contact me for a free half hour consultation at (925) 322-5020. Or schedule an appointment to learn more about parents educational rights.


Offering a  half hour complimentary consultation for parents to discuss your child’s educational needs. Please call Rosaura Raya-Markham (925) 322-5020.