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Rosaura Raya-Markham

I am an Educational Therapist working with students of all ages. I combine educational and therapeutic approaches in evaluation, remediation, communication, and advocacy for clients with learning difficulties or disabilities. I also facilitate communication between client, family, and school.
In addition, to being an Educational Therapist, I work part-time for the Mt. Diablo School District as an Enrichment Specialist and work with students with many types of challenges, from ADHD, Aspergers, CAPD, and Dyslexic.

I know personally what a parent goes through when a child struggles in school. My son was not diagnosed with a language-based learning disability until he was in the eighth grade. It was very heartbreaking to see my son struggle in school and watch his self-esteem drop.

As a parent, I learned to advocate for my son and provide him with the appropriate resources for his education. During the course of providing my son the very best resources for his condition, I discovered the field of Educational Therapy. This was my turning point. I went back to school to become an Educational Therapist so that I could help other struggling students and parents.I have a B. A. in Liberal Arts with a minor in Early Childhood education from Hayward State University. I earned my Educational Therapy Certificate from Holy Names University, and in addition, I earned a Master’s Degree in Educational. My internship training for Educational Therapy was conducted at the private school of Prospect Sierra in El Cerrito, CA. I am a member of the Association of Educational Therapists and also of the International Dyslexia Association.I am Bilingual and speak Spanish.