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Rosaura Raya-Markham

I am an Educational Therapist working with students of all ages. I combine educational and therapeutic approaches in evaluation, remediation, communication, and advocacy for clients with learning difficulties or disabilities. I also facilitate communication between client, family, and school.
In addition, to being an Educational Therapist, I work part-time for the Mt. Diablo School District as an Enrichment Specialist and work with students with many types of challenges, from ADHD, Aspergers, CAPD, and Dyslexic.

I know personally what a parent goes through when a child struggles in school. My son was not diagnosed with a language-based learning disability until he was in the eighth grade. It was very heartbreaking to see my son struggle in school and watch his self-esteem drop.

As a parent, I learned to advocate for my son and provide him with the appropriate resources for his education. During the course of providing my son the very best resources for his condition, I discovered the field of Educational Therapy. This was my turning point. I went back to school to become an Educational Therapist so that I could help other struggling students and parents.I have a B. A. in Liberal Arts with a minor in Early Childhood education from Hayward State University. I earned my Educational Therapy Certificate from Holy Names University, and in addition, I earned a Master’s Degree in Educational Therapy. My internship training for Educational Therapy was conducted at the private school of Prospect Sierra in El Cerrito, CA.I am a member of the Association of Educational Therapists and also of the International Dyslexia Association.I am Bilingual and speak Spanish.



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Jennifer Kohles-Ruiz

My philosophy is to empower all students of all learning needs to achieve their highest potential. I believe in combining positive learning strategies that combine multi-modality and sensory learning to help children be successful. I have been exposed and trained in a variety of teaching tools to help students with special needs; Read 180, New York Reading and Writing Project, Language!, Touch Math, and Read Naturally to name a few. I plan on bringing my expertise and knowledge of the effectiveness of these programs into my consultation and tutoring practice so that students will be able to achieve at their highest potential. I have also been trained and am experienced in writing multidisciplinary assessments in academics using the WJIII and WIAT III as well as writing individual education plans based upon each student’s individual learning levels. I will combine my philosophy in evaluation, remediation, communication and advocacy for students with specific learning needs to every client.

I became interested in empowering students of special needs after working in the general education setting for a number of years. I believe everyone has the ability to learn and should be given the opportunity to reach their full potential in an optimum environment. It’s important that students are afforded such environments so that growth can occur. I think it’s important to give a child special education intervention earlier in their educational career in order for a child to achieve their academic potential in a less restrictive environment as their educational career progresses.I am a Bay Area native. I grew up in Piedmont, California and attended San Diego State University and Azusa Pacific Universities for my undergraduate degree. I received my B.A. in Liberal Studies at Azusa Pacific University and went on to receive my Multiple Subject Credential with CLAD certification at UC Davis. I later went on to get my Mild Moderate Credential at Holy Names University and eventually my Master’s Degree. I have been teaching for thirteen years in both the SPED setting and general education settings. I have taught pre-school, 5th/6th grade, 1st grade, and kindergarten in the general education setting and have been a resource teacher in the middle school and elementary school settings.